As a family business, we are passionate about the solmotion mission: Intelligent solutions for the efficient use of solar energy. As individual and unique as our customers.


Acting together makes the difference

We are convinced that companies with "family sense" are sustainably more successful. Therefore, we are growing slowly, developing our employees into "convincing offenders" who realize themselves and their ideas with Solmotion. We build on lasting, good customer relationships, which are characterized by clear and open communication, trust and common success. We maintain a close partnership with our suppliers and craft businesses. We are successful when all participants are successful.

  • Family business out of conviction
  • Trusting cooperation in a grown team
  • Close partnership with customers and suppliers

Family business

To shape the future with conviction

Michael and Thomas Volz founded Solmotion already with the vision that the new company will be continued in the future by its own "offspring". The brothers thus developed a sustainable business model that focuses not on the short-term trend but on the long-term perspective. Launched in 2009 with 6 employees, Solmotion developed continuously over the years. Today more than 20 women and men work at Solmotion. Many have been involved from the very beginning and have been instrumental in shaping the company.

Since 2016, the next generation is now on board with Anna Volz, daughter of Thomas Volz. As an employee in order processing, she got to know Solmotion in a hands-on manner. Today Anna is assistant to the management and ready to run the company one day. With the same philosophy and with many fresh ideas.

FAQ private customers

Is a PV system worthwhile?

Basically, a photovoltaic system is as worthwhile as ever. How much you profit from it depends on your electricity consumption and the available roof area. Rule of thumb: The more you pay for your electricity today, the more profitable your own solar power plant will be. Just do the quick test: Click here for the solar savings calculator

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How much roof area do I need for a system?

A solar power plant of your own is worthwhile from a roof area of around 30 m2. As a rough guide, you can count on 1 kWp output per 7qm roof area. Of course, the modules must be aligned on the sunny side.

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What is the service life of a PV system?

With a high-quality system, you can expect a service life of approx. 30 years. The risk is also low because module manufacturers usually give a 25 year performance guarantee. Since a PV module also has no mechanically moving parts, there is no typical wear. Professional installation by an experienced specialist company is important.

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How much of my electricity requirements can I cover with one system?

You can either consume or store the electricity generated by your solar power plant directly. Without storage, you can cover your electricity needs by approx. 25-35%. With an appropriate battery storage you can increase this value significantly.
You can then generate 65-80% of your electricity yourself and are therefore largely independent of rising electricity prices. The course is set in the project planning, because the appropriate design of the PV system and storage is very individual. Also a meaningful integration of the heating is often meaningful.

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Is an electricity storage system worthwhile or would it be better to wait?

With modern storage technology, you can double the share of your own consumption of the solar electricity you generate. Nowadays electricity storage tanks are attractively priced and function reliably: Thanks to new lithium-ion technologies, the batteries have a service life of approx. 15 - 20 years. Currently, there are attractive subsidy opportunities in Baden-Württemberg if you install a PV system with storage. With this solution you also enjoy tax advantages. We would be happy to advise you on subsidies and tax advantages.

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Are electricity storage devices safe or is there a risk of fire?

Modern batteries have several safety levels integrated, which react very early in the event of an emergency. These battery solutions can also be found in electric mobility, where they function smoothly under much more difficult conditions. The Keller location is a very uncritical place; unlike in road traffic, external influences are rather unlikely here. The probability that your coffee machine will cause a fire due to a defect or improper operation is significantly higher.

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Where do I place my electricity storage?

The ideal installation location is the cellar, where ideal temperatures between 5 - max. 30° C prevail as a rule. Lithium-ion batteries have their maximum service life at a constant ambient temperature between 15 - 20°. However, there are also systems that can be installed outside or in the garage. The batteries are then equipped with cooling and/or heating. Energy is used for this, which is then not available for your own electricity consumption.

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What insurance do I need for a PV system?

The PV system must be reported to the building insurance company, as this increases the value of the building. With newer insurance contracts, the PV system is usually included in the basic package.
In addition, there is a so-called operator's liability insurance. This protects you against damage that may be caused by the PV system, such as property damage in the event of a storm. You can also take out an all-risks insurance policy. Then you are protected against the failure of your system, e.g. by marten bites and other damage. We recommend that you carefully weigh the individual risk against the costs.

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When do I need insurance cover?

As the plant operator, you automatically assume all risks such as damage caused by hail or storm after handover (commissioning) of your plant. Until then, we bear the entire risk and have covered it with erection insurance. It therefore makes sense to take out insurance as soon as the plant is commissioned.

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Am I a trader if I operate a PV system?

In principle, the business is always a commercial activity, but there are also options without the tax office an investment to operate, but then financial disadvantages must be accepted.
The usual variant is the standard taxation. you get the value added tax refunded, for it you must operate somewhat more expenditure with the tax declaration. Alternatively there is the small entrepreneur regulation, with which no value added tax is refunded, however the expenditure is very small. In general, we recommend that you consult your tax advisor, as the tax situation must always be assessed individually.

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Can I supply my tenants with electricity from my PV system?

In principle, delivery to tenants is technically possible. However, a distinction must be made between self-consumption (system operator also uses the electricity) and electricity supply to third parties on site (system operator and electricity user are different legal entities). In the case of self-consumption, there is no EEG levy on self-consumption for a system capacity of up to 10 kWp; however, if electricity is supplied to third parties on site, this levy must be paid in full (currently approx. 6.5 cents per kWh) regardless of the size of the system. Therefore, the economic efficiency must always be checked carefully and the most suitable variant for your situation on site must be considered. We will be happy to advise you! Click here for the contact form.

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Firmly anchored in the market

Solmotion was founded in 2009. The two brothers Thomas and Michael Volz have a long and complex experience in the solar industry. They brought this wealth of experience into the new company and developed innovative solutions for the planning, financing, realization and controlling of solar power plants. The initial phase was characterized by large-scale projects and open space systems. The holistic concept was and is the decisive success factor here. On request, Solmotion takes care of the operation and, with the subsidiary Sol Fortis, the smooth monitoring and maintenance of the plants. With the successes, the company grew from 6 to over 20 employees today. At the company headquarters in Ravensburg a team of "old hands" and "young savages" is working successfully on new solutions. This top team is characterized by working together to pull together.

The private sector has always been part of the corporate strategy. This area was further expanded with the entry of Anna Volz and is now successfully on the market with its own subsidiary Solmotion Project. Michael Volz: "The future belongs to private use both in the commercial and private sectors, but leasing roof areas is also a lucrative opportunity for our customers to successfully use photovoltaics with Solmotion."

Anna Volz

With passion forward

The career of Anna Volz shows from the beginning in the direction of the sun. After completing her training as an industrial clerk at a solar company, she completed several internships at home and abroad, among other things, enriching her one-year stay at a renowned manufacturer of solar modules in China. "The culture, the way of working, other management techniques - in China, I learned a lot and today benefit from my very good contacts and invaluable experience," says Anna Volz. In her business studies she expanded her expertise. With her master's degree, Anna Volz rounded off her competences in an area that is optimally tailored to her future task - her focus was on the management of family businesses.

Thomas Volz

Concentrated experience

Already since 2004, Thomas Volz has been closely associated with the topic of solar energy. Until 2010, he was Managing Director of a large solar wholesaler and was responsible for the entire purchasing department there. With this experience behind him, together with his brother Michael, he founded Solmotion GmbH, which was able to quickly convince international investors with innovative concepts in the area of ​​commercial PV systems. At Solmotion, Thomas Volz is still head of Sales, Components and Purchasing. The close partnership with Astronergy, a renowned module manufacturer and subsidiary of the Chint Group, was followed by his engagement as Managing Director of Astronergy GmbH from 2011 to June 2018. The Europe-wide distribution of solar modules and thus the development of new sales structures was one of his tasks here. In 2013, a factory for the production of PV modules was taken over in Frankfurt / Oder, which Thomas Volz was managing director in the start phase until the beginning of 2017. To this day he is advisor to Astronergy Solar Modules GmbH. Thomas Volz: "I am convinced that we can meet 100% of the energy needs of the future from renewable sources. Professionalism and international cooperation are the best prerequisites."

Thomas Volz